On Location in NYC

Every location I wrote about in Over My Dead Body is a site I have been blessed to have visited and loved. Part of the fun of writing the book has been the realization of being able to reminisce about places I had been before and NYC is no exception. As a baby, I was told by my mom that she changed my diaper on the front lawn of the Statute of Liberty, but other than that fun tidbit baby moment, the first time I remember spending any amount of time in New York City was on my way to Ireland with my husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I set my main characters up living in NYC on purpose because it is an excellent setting for newlyweds to enjoy their lives before having kids. Not that there is anything wrong with having kids in NYC, but I just always imagined it would have been glamorous to live in The Big Apple with my husband before kids. Using all the thoughts about what a great adventure that would be made it a natural location to pick for my young, vibrant newlywed main characters, Joel and Hannah Cohen.

Joel being an antique dealer is a nod to my parents who owned a furniture and antique store when I was a kid called Ye Old Bank in Ralston, NE. As a result, I spent many years going to garage sales, auctions and estate sales with my parents shopping for items for the store. With Hannah working for the Israeli Consulate it worked well for her to know about the latest happenings with Israel.

In the story, there is an exciting scene that takes place near Astor Place. I don’t want to give it away, but all the same, next time you are in the city go check it out. The Astor place location is also a nod to my youngest daughter who played the role of Annie in her 5th grade musical. I recall hearing her rehearse lines for the show and the mention of this historic location is why I chose it for the scene. If you know how writers work, they use every experience possible to add interest to their stories and Astor Place was one of the locations in New York that tumbled into my mind when I thought about the city.

I hope you will enjoy reading the adventure the Cohen’s have in NYC in the natural and the spiritual. I hope you find yourself hanging out for a coffee near Astor place or visiting one of the many antique stores and taking the time to visit the Statue of Liberty. If you can’t visit New York, at the very least, use the book to escape there in your mind and enjoy the scenery.

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